Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Roles within our group.

After a discussion, our group decided to split roles between us according to our abilities:

Kelly (Myself) - Director
My role as the Director for pre-production is to prepare the treatment/shotlist/script of the story, as well as plan the location/lighting/set/props/Mise-en-scene which makes it much more manageable during the actual production, in which I am also to organise and ensure that my team and actors turn up for filming. During post-production of our trailer, I must verify the continuity of the finished product, have a final say on editing decisions and work on the titles.

Hamndeep - Camera/sound
She is responsible for the planning of the storyboard and how shots will be filmed. Hamn's role as 'cameraman' means that she is in charge of shooting the film, then transferring the files from disks to the hard drive, ready to be edited. She also needs to edit with Amrita and experiment using SFX/after effects.

Amrita - Editor/Continuity Director
This is a crucial role as she determines whether our trailer makes sense. Amrita is to liaise with myself to ensure that the shotlist is logical as well as the cameraman to ensure the storyboard has clear meaning. During production, she is responsible in carrying the equipment to and from the set, playing back the footage checking for error and feeding back to the group to get accurate footage. During post-production, Amrita is responsible for editing the film, adding sound (diegetic/non-diegetic audio) whilst referring back to the storyboard, reaching out to what we originally aimed to produce.


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