Friday, 29 April 2011

Audience feedback on Final poster and first attempt of poster design.

"The difference between the two posters is obvious, although it seems the glow in the centre fo the poster takes away some of the attention I pay towards the eyes. The colours are bright and I think this would make me more attracted to it if I saw it on a billboard."

-Aaron Gowland, 17, Student

"Your first attempt is less believable poster. It does not have a story to it, compared to your second attempt which stands out and there are more aspects to it that make it look like a real poster. The fire reminds me of hell as it rises up to her eyes. She looks evil."

-Matthew Firbank, 17, Student

"The first poster shows only one side to the main character, whereas the second shows more of a story, I can tell she is evil. She is alone too, which makes me winder if she has become lonely. It is implicit that the cause of her loneliness is the fact that she is evil."

-Kamran Zaabar, 17, Student

"The eyes have a good effect, but there is not enough detail. All there is to see is her eyes and they do not tell much of a story. Colour is quite important in the second and final poster, because the first loos bland"

-Farhana Sultana, 18 Student

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