Saturday, 16 April 2011

Problems and successes whilst shooting our production

  • Time of day/out door shooting: Defined the quality of the shot with regards to lighting, which we had to plan carefully.
  • Continuity: We started filming in the Winter, realising some footage was missing, or we decided another scene was necessary and re-shooting in Spring entering summer.
  • Time management: Shooting at times when people within my group were present. Which was not always the case. Taking too long on certain scenes, to then not choose them in our final production.
  • Uploading footage: Was a success, because we used an external hard drive, ensuring our files would not get lost and is there as a back-up.
  • Range of shots: Enabling us to cut out ones which we did not prefer.
  • Working as a group: Difficult at times when we all possessed different ideas, making it hard to decide on particular scene, leading to audience feedback- so it turned out to be a positive factor.

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