Monday, 18 October 2010

Individual story ideas.

Storyline 1:
A group of teens go on a four-day holiday camping trip to a 'forbidden' and mysterious, rumoured-to-be-haunted/cursed forest for the summer and plan to get high and party, not realising the danger of what extreme highs they would face and the fact that the rumours are true. One member of the group goes missing, but instead of finding them and making an escape, they face problems of their own. Strange happenings ensue, figures in the distance, shadows at night, and although they try to run away, they get closer and closer.

Storyline 2:
A troubled young teenage girl has struggled all her life to adjust to mirrors, with the fear that they will shatter if she looks into one, after numerous dreams and counselling when it was at it's worse stage (when she was younger). After moving house, she realises how her fear is a curse inside her, from an entity that has been trying to get her to this place all along. This entity possesses her to commit dark deeds/murders. (The idea that spirits travel through mirrors in the house).

Storyline 3:
A story of boy meets girl- with problems! She's the most popular girl in school, but has never had a relationship. Rumours decide thats she's not an option as there's an 'evil' side to her. A boy finally has the chance, but she takes complete control over him, changing his behaviour, to suit her needs- the possessive girlfriend is real!

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