Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Best ideas of the group.

My idea:
A story of boy meets girl- with problems! She's the most popular girl in school, but has never had a relationship. Rumours decide thats she's not an option as there's an 'evil' side to her. A boy finally has the chance, but she takes complete control over him, changing his behaviour, to suit her needs- the possessive girlfriend is real!

Hamndeep's idea:
A teen girl attends a party, where she meets gaze with a mysterious man, sitting on the other side of the room in the dark. Without realising it, she is hypnotized by his stare and is unaware that he is an evil man trying to change/possess her. The young girl becomes possessed by a devil, begins to self-harm and has the ability to make people join her cult of evil-doings.

Amrita's idea:
A group of high school friends play an urban legend prank on a fellow student they dislike such as the ‘Bloody Mary legend’. The prank ends badly causing the student to commit suicide our of sheer terror. The student then haunts the high school group of friends, trying to convince them to think its ‘Bloody Mary’. She/he plays a series of different urban legend tricks, resulting in the deaths of each of them. Once the fellow student gets their revenge they move on to haunting every high school student who plays an urban legend prank.

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