Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Story idea chosen.

Out of the group's nine ideas, we decided to go with what story would look best as a trailer. We spent time agonising over the fact that some stories were better than others, realising that maybe some would look more appealing and suitable to be made into trailers.

The story we have chosen is Hamndeep's third storyline idea out of these three.

A teen girl attends a party, where she meets gaze with a mysterious man, sitting on the other side of the room in the dark. Without realising it, she is hypnotized by his stare and is unaware that he is an evil man trying to change/possess her. The young girl becomes possessed by a devil, begins to self-harm and has the ability to make people join her cult of evil-doings.

A class discussion made us think about how we should end our film, although it is solely a trailer we should produce. Our peers pointed out the idea that we should follow Tzvetan Todorov's theory, so as to show a balanced story, unlike Alexandre Aja's 'The Hills Have Eyes' (2006) and Iain Softley's 'The Skeleton Key' (2005).

Our group then made the point that a trailer does not necessarily reveal an ending, as well as the fact that a type of ending determines a sequel, therefore it could end either way.

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