Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Final story idea chosen.

Looking back on the story idea we produced earlier, our group decided to make some changes:

Seventeen year old Sam is in the process of moving house. Once she moves to her new home, she decides to have a gathering with friends. Things get out of control and they start playing loud music. Sam gets uncomfortable and moves away into another room, where she finds a guy [quiet/loner], who fills the silence by telling her a story, which she does not think anything of at first, but he sends her into a trance. He flicks his lighter and hypnotizes her and the chilling descriptions that wake her up in the middle of the night, are those that have been with him since he can remember.

This curse gets out of hand when Sam goes to school the following day, as little things bother her straight away and later we see major differences in her behaviour. Sam uncontrollably starts a cult, by hypnotizing two of her new friends. They perform vicious attacks to their high school enemies, and her boyfriend begins to worry for her. He manages to research about the mysterious hypnotist and finds out where he lives. They decide to go to his home address, but Sam gets too violent, to the extent that she ends up killing him and her boyfriend. Although the curse breaks, police find her and she is placed in a mental care home, as she starts to tell stories of how she is innocent and became the way she did.

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